Message from the President DUWA

Greetings to all DUWA Members, Colleagues and the Supporting Staff!!

At the outset I would like to thank all the DUWA members for their support and trust in me to elect me as the President of DUWA. I would strive not to breach their trust and belief in me.

Delhi University Women's Association popularly known as DUWA is a welfare society of the university women, managed by the university women but not only for them but is in service for welfare of the whole society and the humanity at large. It's the brainchild of late Mrs. Durgabai Deshmukh, a great visionary and the founder President of DUWA. Her selflessness and devotion that sowed the seed has grown as a great institution today. It would have also not possible without the great support of her husband and the then Vice-Chancellor Prof. C. D. Deshmukh.

I have a great honour and privilege to be associated with this great organization since I was a student but more actively since 2005, firstly, as a Member then Jt. Secretary (2013- 2016) followed by Secretary (2016-2019) and now as the President (2019 onwards). DUWA has come a long way since its inception in the year 1964. I could witness the great legacy and devotion by all the former Presidents and their teams and of course the continual support by all the former Vice-Chancellors as Patrons of the Organization. The University authorities always cared and supported us. During my recent journey with DUWA, I had great privilege of working with a very dynamic and energetic personality like Dr. Nilanjana Singh during her tenure 2010-2015. I still remember the tireless efforts and joy of celebrating the Golden Jubilee Year 2014. We also started some new endeavours, such as, Mind Body Centre and Souvenir Shop together as a mark of that year. I also had a great time working with the former President Mrs. Bulbul Das.

We believe that DUWA is an independent organization but also supports the outreach program of the University of Delhi. I would say rather we complement each other. DUWA runs outreach programs for this great institution (University of Delhi) and the University supports and cares DUWA. We could see the effect of such a great collaboration during 'NAAC' accreditation of the University. We would always be indebted to the 'NAAC' evaluation team for their appreciation for the efforts and social outreach programs DUWA runs. The DUWA does not work only for the elites but understands its social responsibility towards the lower strata of the society and its inclusiveness. I consider it as a good example that our Vaatsalya (creche) and 'Usha Ganguli and Durgabai Deshmukh play school takes care of the kids from the whole strata of the society for their inclusive development. Sahayog unit provides coaching and nutritious meals to the underprivileged children. Our Mind Body Centre (counselling, G1jvTdWmQaCLy and homeopathy) helps everybody keeping good health. Our Souvenir Shop helps everybody keep smiling by making quality souvenirs available on campus. Our Sri Sadan, a hostel for working women and similar facility for research scholars give home and security to those away from home. Activities of DUWA encompasses a variety of programs for the welfare and empowerment of women and the society at large.

In the journey of DUWA for more than half a century, we tried our level best to achieve in association with all the stakeholders and well-wishers but it's long way to go and we should pledge to perform every time better than before. Thank you once again.

Geeta Sahare