Sri Sadan


Delhi University Women's Association established SRI SADAN in commemoration of the International Women's Year in 1975, for the benefit of members of the Association who are working as Teachers in Delhi University and its affiliated colleges / institutions.

  • Accommodation is available only for the members of the Association who are TEACHERS of Delhi University, or any of its affiliated Colleges/Institutions. Research Associates, Pool Officers and Scientific Officers attached to the University or its affiliated Institutions and involved in teaching.
  • Those, seeking admission to SRI SADAN should apply on the prescribed form which is available at D.U.W.A. Office.
  • Preference for allotment of accommodation will be given in the following order:
    1. Single unmarried women, without encumbrances, who come from out side Delhi.
    2. Unencumbered, divorcee, widows or legally separated women.
    3. Visiting single academicians to Delhi University who will be in residence for not less than ONE academic year.
  • Term period of Allotment:
    1. For teachers on permanent appointment the allotment will be of three years subject to renewal every year.
    2. For Research Associates maximum period of allotment is one year, subject to submission of letter from Project Officer / Department Head. In case of request for extension supporting documents have to be provided.
    3. For teachers against leave vacancy accommodation will be given for a period of 6 months.  However, a request for extension may be considered on submission of supporting document.
    4. Teachers on Ad hoc appointments will be granted accommodation for the duration of appointment in the college as specified in the appointment letter.  However, a request for extension may be consider on submission of supporting document.

DUWA offers hostel facility for Research scholars/students - approx. 35 beds.