Jagriti as the word suggests means awareness. Jagriti is a programme to be launched with the support from Delhi University and under the able guidance of Indian Cancer society. We want to act as a cancer awareness & emotional support group. Our aim is to spread the message amongst college students and amongst women in Jhuggi clusters to be aware of the onset symptoms & signs of the various forms of cancer. In the process, also explain the need to healthy lifestyle.


We wish to also convey that diagnosis of Cancer is not the end of the road. There's life after cancer and it is meaningful. The patients after treatment are fit and ready to join the mainstream of life. The emotional turmoil, the stress and strain, the patient goes through, before and during the treatment, takes heavy toll on the patient and his family.


We endeavor to provide an additional support system for their emotional needs, offering information and understanding. Those women who cannot find their way to Cancer detection centres and need our help & support for going through routine check up will also be provided with transport facility as well as payment of the diagnostic tests etc.