Play Schools

Durgabai Deshmukh Balwadi

Durgabai Deshmukh Balwadi (Nursery School) started in 1966 with a grant from the Delhi Social Welfare Board. This school helps to provide subsidized pre nursery education to children of our Karamcharis and also of children from the disadvantaged as well as marginalized sections of our society.

Many of our students in the Balwadi are given free education as many members sponsor the annual fee for a child. The students in Balwadi are provided nutritious snacks during school hours. We get grant from the University for this purpose. The fee is very nominal i.e Rs. 50/- per month.


Usha Ganguli Shishu Vihar

Usha Ganguli Shishu Vihar is one of the oldest and prestigious Pre-Nursery School which was founded on 1st August 1967 at the Delhi UniversityCampus.  U.G.S.V. is managed by Delhi University Women's Association (D.U.W.A.). The play way methodology is in use for teaching at both schools.

Fee Structure