Message from the President DUWA

Greetings to all colleagues !!

It is not easy for me to write a message for once own website. As an elected President of DUWA , breaking the normal procedure of a nominated President, who is the spouse of the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University.

One has to be entirely truthful and honest , DUWA is a little over 50 years and has been the brain child of Dr.Durgabai Deshmukh, an eminent social worker and scholar and the patron Dr. C.D.Deshmukh, the then Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University. Their vision was to empower women through education from childhood to womanhood. The objective of DUWA has been to act not nearly as an organizational for children's education but as a wide sociological force for total development of the girl child. To the Deshmukh's education was not text book learning and examination orientated learning. Therefore, education should begin in infancy under the care of parents and after that the school . In the school children should receive impeccable care and attention from the teacher.

When I first join DUWA as a member, the idea of an association with some noble vision attractive and captivated me. As I had just come back from Cambridge University, Delhi University seemed to have enormous opportunities for developmental work for women and children. I thought DUWA aprt from emparting education to children should become an instrument of social change.

With that purpose in view several activities were started in DUWA, some of these were job oriented classes, hobby classes and fine arts .DUWA also organized development projects for the poor and the under priveliged in the neighborhood. The project "Sahyog" was started in a village in Timarpur where we opened education tailoring and other craft classes for the women.

DUWA has built a great tradition from the first President Dr.Durgabai Deshmukh upto Dr.Neelanjna Singh. That tradition has to be maintained and enriched by us.

My objectives as an elected President will be to see that the association as a partner of the University odf Delhi becomes a vibrant social force. Towards that end I seek the cooperation and love of all DUWA members and the University of Delhi.

We welcome the public and Delhi University members to our portals and we will make every efforts towards the fulfillment of the goal of DUWA.

I look forward to continued support of the University of Delhi and DUWA members.

Mrs. Bulbul Das